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6 A.M TO 6 P.M
12950 Boul. Gouin West
Pierrefonds (between Des Sources & St Jean)

Sabrina (2016)
Michael at first was very shy and didn't socialize too much, but now only after 5 months, I see a big change in him. His vocabulary has improved; he is friendlier with the children and follows the routine well. Also, every morning he is happy to go to daycare and talks about his day with a big smile! He has learned how to color between the lines and hold the pencil correctly. Michael also has a good relationship with his teachers. His mobility has also improved since he started daycare. The food is also an important aspect, and I am happy to say that with great help from the teachers, Michael has improved his taste for food by trying a variety of foods. Michael also loves to play outdoors, and what I like as a mother, is that everything in the daycare is so safe, no edges or sharp corners. Cleanliness is also number one, and every class looks always so clean. I also like that everything is on one floor, no stairs, which makes it safer for children. Seeing Michael happy every day makes my heart full of joy! Good Job les Muses. Also, fantastic Activities with the kids and very affectionate teachers, just like a second mom! ;)

Carmelina Di Lorenzo 2015
We adopted our son, Manny, when he was two and a half years old. As you can imagine, we were extremely cautious when it came time to entrusting anyone to take care of him for fear of how he would react from yet another group of people in his life. We interviewed many daycare centers, and in the end, we felt very comfortable with Les Muses.It has been two years now that Manny has been dropped off every week day with Demetra and Yaasmine, Tina and all the other wonderful child care workers, and our son has formed such a powerful bond with all of them. Today Manny is a happy well-adjusted five year old, who loves what he calls his school and teachers. He made great friends and we can't thank Les Muses enough. As parents, when dropping him off and picking him up, we are always greeted by name from all of the staff and I must admit that we area little sad that Manny is now moving on to Kindergarten and leaving this wonderful center.

Sonia 2015
This will be our twin boys last year at les Muses, as they go to Elementary school in the Fall. We only have
good things to say about this daycare. All the teachers are exceptional. This is their 3rd year at les Muses and they have always received great care, food, instruction and discipline. I will never forget Peter (daycare owner) caring for the boys the very first week we placed them in daycare…he was so loving with them and although my heart was breaking as I pulled away seeing their tears, I knew that they were in the best of hands. Do not hesitate to place your child in this lovely daycare, that feels more like a home. I will sadly miss dropping the boys off with Sia every morning…she, as is everyone, a warm and beautiful person.


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