Our Goals and Objectives
Develop a positive self-image
Learn to live with others
Create opportunities to succeed
Facilitate and expand language skills
Stimulate curiousity
Develop Emotional stability
Develop social awareness

Our activities are in the fields of:

Art (children are encouraged to express themselves through art)
Language (Social skills are enhanced by storytelling, public speaking, freeplay, learning our alphabet and reading/ writing)
Science & Math (counting and science projects)
Movement (music, dance, ballet, gymnastics, yoga)
Outdoor play (Develops muscles, language, cooperation, imagination)
Sensory ( Muscle tone, strength, reflexes, and coordination, Rhythm and timing, Bilateral coordination, Dominance, Gross and fine-motor skills, Hand-eye coordination, balance and posture)

6 A.M TO 6 P.M
12950 Boul. Gouin West
Pierrefonds (between Des Sources & St Jean)